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Presentations Powered by Body Language

Learn proven methods, used by the leaders to become confident at work and in life.

Do you walk your talk?

Your presentation begins before you open your mouth. Looking at your nonverbal signals, such posture, gestures, contact, facial expressions and clothes, people form their first impressions. Within the first few seconds, your audience will decide if you’re worth listening to. And that’s before you had a chance to deliver your well-rehearsed presentation. Your body language has the power to illustrate, enhance and emphasise your presentation. But insecure, weak, nervous moves may also sabotage your message. Take this course to learn how to deliver a presentation in which your words and your moves are aligned to persuade with power.

Workshop Overview

  • First Impressions. Discover the science behind first impressions and learn how to influence the way others see us.

  • Feel the fear and do it anyway. Learn techniques to reduce stage fright and increase stage presence.

  • Does your body language tell the same story as your words? Align your verbal and nonverbal message.

  • The secrets of charismatic speakers. Discover how to use elements of delivery (stance, hand gestures, eye contact, voice, movement on stage) to project confidence, engage the audience and present with power.

  • Make it stick! Learn how to develop and maintain a confident and warm presentation style

In this workshop you will learn how to

  • Use stance, gestures, eye contact and body movement to increase your stage presence and connection with the audience

  • Use effective techniques to deal with public speaking anxiety

  • Create an effective ritual to get stage-ready before your next presentation

  • Establish body language habits that put you at best

Who is this workshop for? Anyone who...

  • Speaks to groups in meetings and presentations

  • Would like to have more influence and be seen as a leader

  • Is frustrated that they can’t get their message across with impact and energy

Gosia's Body Language workshop is fantastic and I recommend anyone who has to present, stand in front of people, or in fact deal with anyone personally, to go and see it.

Mark WiltshireFounder and CEO, Bamboo Rocket Apps