Workshop & Training

How to Design and Deliver Powerful Presentations

Learn how to deal with stage fright, craft a powerful presentation and captivate your audience.

Workshop Overview

Part I

  • Discover why we are all afraid of speaking in front of others

  • Find out how to spot and eliminate nervous body language signals

  • Learn practical techniques to deal with stage fright and discover how to boost your confidence before a presentation

Part II

  • Select and narrow your topic. Determine the general and specific purpose of your presentation

  • Analyse your audience’s profile, needs, and interests

  • Craft a memorable core message

  • Organise your content to help your audience follow and understand your presentation

  • Back up your points with statistics, testimonies, stories, and facts

  • Start with a killer opener to captivate your audience right from the start

  • Finish with a bang to move your audience to action

Part III

  • Manage the first impression you make on your audience. Exude confidence, inspire trust and project passion

  • Project authority, add impact, and engage the audience with your body language (stance, gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, stage movement)

  • Convince with your voice (volume, pitch, pace, pausing)

  • Connect with your audience (personal stories, inclusive language)

  • Keep the audience engaged (questions, activities, visuals)

  • Navigate your presentation to stay on schedule

  • Learn to speak off the cuff

In this workshop you will learn how to

  • Create an easy-to-follow outline of your presentation

  • Craft a compelling opening and conclusion for your presentation

  • Deal with public speaking anxiety and create a mindset of public speaking success

  • Project confidence, enthusiasm and credibility

  • Captivate your audience with your stage presence

  • Align your body language with your words to deliver a consistent message

  • Inspire change in your audience

Who is this workshop for? Anyone who...

  • Delivers presentations, speaks in meetings, makes sales pitches

  • Would like to be seen as a leader

  • Wants to learn how to persuade, inform, and engage their audience

  • Wants to find out how to get their message across with confidence, energy and conviction

The courses are great not only for the professional world but also useful for your personal sphere! Gosia delivers the courses with a passion and method that convinces!

Mireia Jofre-BonetProfessor, City University London