Workshop & Training

Boost your confidence

Learn proven methods used by leaders to become confident at work and in life.

Why do some people seem so confident?

Confidence is that powerful quality that some people seem to be born with. They walk into a room and immediately command attention – without saying a word. World leaders have it, company CEOs have it, and so do politicians, lawyers and successful entrepreneurs. Power does it to you. It straightens up your back, lengthens your stride and expands your chest, making you seem more assertive, self-assured and confident.

You can learn confidence too!

But what about those of us who do not yet wield great power? Can we do something to look and feel more confident? Absolutely! The secret to it is to take control of our body language. Body language and emotions influence each other. When you feel an emotion, your body shows that feeling. For example, when you feel sad, you bow your head, you hunch your shoulders, you avoid eye contact. However, the opposite is also true. When you straighten up your back, open up your chest and maintain eye contact, you instantly feel more powerful, confident and in control. The mind shapes the body but the body also shapes the mind.

Workshop Overview

  • Body Talks. Learn about the power of first impressions and find out how we and what we communicate through body language

  • Disappearing Act. Spot and eliminate your nervous body language signals

  • Silent Language of Leaders. Find out how to use stance, gestures and eye gaze to appear more confident

  • Transformers. Learn how to supercharge your confidence before high stakes events like presentations, pitches or meetings with important clients

  • Hero's Journey. Find out how to create long-lasting habits of carrying yourself with authority, speaking with confidence, and influencing others

In this workshop you will learn how to

  • Project confidence by using high power language

  • Identify and eliminate your insecure body language habits

  • Supercharge your confidence before important events

  • Read the body language of others

Who is this workshop for? Anyone who

  • Speaks to groups in meetings and presentations

  • Would like to have more influence and be seen as a leader

  • Is frustrated that they can’t get their message across with impact and energy

The 'Boost your confidence with body language' workshop as part of our Learning at Work Week here at the Royal College of Physicians was a breath of fresh air.

Magdalena MucharzewskaHR & Learning Officer, Royal Collega of Physicians