Balance power with warmth

Power body language needs to be used like chilli, with caution, and always balanced with warmth. Overblown alpha moves will intimidate and alienate people you interact with. Avoid:

  • Towering over people. When the other person sits, don’t stand over their hand, get to their level, sit down. You will get along better.
  • Looking down your nose/ over your glasses at people. It’s a sign of superiority and nobody likes that.
  • Taking extremely expansive positions: leaning back with your hands interlaced behind your head, standing with your arms akimbo, sitting in the figure four position.
  • Getting into people’s personal space.
  • Staring people down

To add warmth and build rapport with others, use these body language cues:

  • Tilt your head when listening. A head tilt is a sign of interest, curiosity and involvement.
  • Smile. A smile tells those around you that you are friendly, open and approachable.
  • Look at people when they speak to show that you are interested in what they have to say.
  • Use open hand gestures to signify trust and openness.

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